Advanced customer support automation solutions for next generation service providers

Fenavic Solutions

Cable Operators

Achieve market leadership with service excellence.

Increasing competitive pressures have forced a dynamic change upon cable service providers, manifested in their transformation from DTV service providers into VoIP, broadband, internet and even wireless phone services, in order to drive customer retention and revenue growth.

As this transformation continues to grow, a developing need grows alongside it: the need to create one central console of knowledge, control and operations of service procedures, accessible to all customer support representatives, which is able to centralize, organize, prioritize and foreword data and assignments.

Fenavic Suite offers cable operators this value and beyond. With Fenavic Suite cable operators can provide their customers with high-end service for same investment, introducing new and path braking service standards as market leaders in their field.

Increase profits and reduce costs without making any compromise.

Fenavic Suite offers full automation of complete trouble ticket service cycles, promising an all around efficiency revolution - beginning with organizational service procedures, through meeting end-users' needs.

Time and again, Fenavic products and services have proven themselves to be more flexible, more scalable, and more affordable than complex installations. With hands-on help from our experts you can be sure that your services will get to market rapidly, and successfully.

Retain and grow customers with improved performance and service.

In a market where technological excellence and innovativeness have become no more than a prerequisite to entrance, the key to success lies in outstanding customer service.

Fenavic Suite is an innovative tool for providing exceptional customer service, more promptly, more accurately and more comprehensively than ever before. The increased speed, responsiveness, and quality of services that run on networks supported by Fenavic contribute to the perfection of your service offerings to customers.

Now, with customer satisfaction rates soaring above the charts, Cable service providers active in the very mature cable markets of today, can still retain and grow subscribers' lists substantially.

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